Here are 2 maps done in a very different way. Do you think the same person drew them?

Daily Map

7 Habits

Answer: Yes. I did these, but under different circumstances and for different purposes. The yellow one is an example of a kind of map I do every day when I get to the office. It’s a “quickie” done to capture things in my iPod Touch from Omnifocus. I use this program as my GTD (Getting Things Done) system, but because it’s a database and the iPod version has to open and close each time you access it, it takes too long to open it frequently. So I make the map to lay out what I’ll do. Then at some point in my work session (end of morning) I’ll go back into the iPod and update that system.

The second map was done while attending Jamie Nast’s IdeaMapping seminar last April in Florida. I’d done the “exercise” of mapping Steven Covey’s 7 Habits, and decided to try and find a different way to express the information. So this is more of an artistic map.

Next post, I’ll show how I use Mindjet’s Mindmanager, which I also use every day both personally and professionally.